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IofC Nepal is a part of a network that is spread in 60 countries, working on trustbuilding, ethical leadership, and sustainable living. We are a movement that believes in working together with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behavior, starting with oneself.

The vision of Initiatives of Change (IofC) Nepal is to build a Clean, Caring, and United Nepal where each Nepali is treated equally and respectfully regardless of their caste, language, culture, the color of their skin, and geographical region. Team IofC Nepal is a young and vibrant group of inspired individuals guided by personal commitment to do what is right for their respective communities, country, and region.

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(Jan 2021 – May 2023)

Direct Reach to 3150 Individuals

1513 Individuals Trained

“I expressed my past anger and feelings to my family in a letter and apologized to friends I had wronged. I then changed my lifestyle, leaving negative habits behind. Now, I have the positive energy to help and heal others.”

Before joining the camp, I was somehow aware of the stereotypical images of people from southern Nepal. By the end of the camp, I realised that my ideas about the Madheshi people were mainly wrong.

“I lost my path, I felt I have no one and no worth of living, I also felt that I didn’t help/support my family. Therefore, I wrote a status on my Facebook and wanted to suicide and later one comment from the IofC Team member changed my decision.”

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