South Asia Conference

6-9 October 2023

About the program:

Nepal Dialogue – South Asia Conference, a transformative event focused on fostering mutual understanding, nurturing trust, and forging connections among diverse communities in the region. Together, we will craft a powerful message of hope for South Asia, creating a brighter future for all.

Amidst the global crisis we face today, Nepal provides a safe space for countries to come together, learn from one another, and take collective action for the greater good. Rather than letting diversity be a reason for conflict, we will celebrate it and use it as a catalyst for positive change. This unique program will bring together participants from South Asia, allowing them to embark on a reflection and inner journey. Through understanding one another and exploring new ways to move forward, we will send a new message to the world – one of unity, harmony, and peace.

Additionally, this conference will offer an immersive experience of Nepal’s rich cultural diversity. You will have the opportunity to truly experience and appreciate the essence of this vibrant nation. By propagating a message of peace to the world, we can make a significant difference. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of shaping a brighter future for South Asia and beyond. 

About Initiatives of Change (IofC) Nepal:

IofC Nepal is part of a network that is spread in 60 countries, working on trustbuilding, ethical leadership, and sustainable living. We are a movement that believes in working together with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and is committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with oneself.

Team IofC Nepal is a young and vibrant group of inspired individuals guided by a personal commitment to do what is right for their respective communities, country, and region. ‘Nepal Dialogue’ is a flagship program of IofC Nepal and this year we are taking it beyond.

Key themes we will explore during the program

Inner Transformation:

  • Understanding behaviour patterns

  • Embracing personal journey and learning from the past

  • Steps to strengthen the relationships and connection

  • Tools to understand oneself and improve life

Fostering Mutual Understanding:

  • Engage in open dialogues that promote understanding and bridge the gaps between diverse communities.

  • Explore new perspectives and learn from one another’s experiences.

  • Break down barriers and cultivate empathy for a more compassionate society.

 Nurturing Trust:

  • Build trust among participants through collaborative sessions and interactive workshops.

  • Foster an environment of openness, respect, and mutual support.

  • Strengthen bonds and establish long-lasting partnerships for collective action.

Forging Connections:

  • Connect with individuals from South Asia, fostering meaningful relationships and professional networks.

  • Collaborate on key regional challenges and leverage collective intelligence for innovative solutions.

  • Create a community of change-makers dedicated to promoting peace and progress.

Celebrating Diversity:

  • Embrace the richness of South Asia’s cultural diversity.

  • Experience Nepal’s vibrant traditions, music, dance, and cuisine firsthand.

  • Recognise diversity as a catalyst for positive change, celebrating it as a unifying force.

Propagating a Message of Peace:

  • Craft a powerful message of hope for South Asia.

  • Highlight the region’s potential for unity, harmony, and peace.

  • Amplify the message through joint initiatives and collective efforts beyond the conference.

Some of our impact stories:

“I became honest with my wife for the wrongs I have done. From now on I don’t want to hide anything from her.”

“I expressed my past anger and feelings to my family in a letter and apologized to friends  I had wronged. I then changed my lifestyle, leaving negative habits behind. Now, I have the positive energy to help and heal others.”

“I disliked my brother because he was an alcoholic. I didn’t speak with him for more than 10 years. Now, I have apologized to him and am working on mending this relationship.”

“I apologized to my sister for the money that I had stolen. I have given up all kinds of intoxicants and am now rejoicing in a new life of freedom and service.” 

“For several years, I had neglected my mother, but after reflecting on my past actions, I came to realize my selfishness. I made amends by changing my behaviour and apologizing to her, which marks a new beginning for me.”

“In the past, I used to smoke, but I was able to quit by paying attention to my inner self. A conflict with my maternal uncle caused me to stop going to his house, but I later realized my mistake and apologized through a message. I’m glad to say that our relationship has greatly improved since then.”

Our key programs:

  • Nepal Dialogue

  • Regional Dialogue

  • Media Dialogue

  • Trustbuilding Youth Camp

  • Outreach

  • Mental Health and Self-Care focused programs 

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